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The value of the UK Maritime Sector has been reemphasised in a new report launched by Maritime UK for London International Shipping Week.
News ID: 76335    Publish Date : 2017/09/17

World No. 1 shipping company Maersk Line is set to win EU antitrust approval for its acquisition of Hamburg Sud after agreeing to pull the German company out from some trade routes, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday.
News ID: 73319    Publish Date : 2017/04/08

The European shipping and maritime organizations have welcomed the European Commission’s mid-term review of the EU Maritime Transport Strategy 2009-2018.
News ID: 72753    Publish Date : 2017/03/04

A new study for the European Commission compiles data and information on fisheries subsidies within six of the world's major fishing countries: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia and the United States.
News ID: 71977    Publish Date : 2017/01/30

the European Council extended Operation Atalanta’s mandate to deter, disrupt and repress acts of piracy off the coast of Somalia, until December 31, 2018.
News ID: 70601    Publish Date : 2016/12/02

Brexit could provide the United Kingdom with new economic freedom if the country exits the EU Customs Union, a new report by UK’s Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) says.
News ID: 70310    Publish Date : 2016/12/11

The adverse effects of Brexit on the international shipping industry could turn out to be “not very much”, according to Harry Theochari, global head of transport for law firm Norton Rose Fulbright (NFB), which hosted a half-day conference entitled “Shipping in times of Brexit – business opportunities with less regulation?”.
News ID: 69297    Publish Date : 2016/10/03

ATTRACTING business investment, having a global approach and prioritising Britain should be the UK’s strategy in light of the Brexit vote, according to Maritime UK, an organisation that promotes UK maritime interests.
News ID: 69149    Publish Date : 2016/09/26

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union would probably lead to a change in the mix, as the UK could switch some of the countries from which to imports and to which it exports, depending on the new trade agreements it negotiates with EU and non- EU countries, according to shipping consultancy Drewry.
News ID: 67781    Publish Date : 2016/07/26

Ports in Britain could gain advantage over ports in the European Union due to Brexit by dodging the EU ’s proposed Ports Services Regulation, Reuters has cited leading UK port operators as saying.
News ID: 67693    Publish Date : 2016/07/23

The prospect of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union has raised a number of questions regarding the status of sulphur regulations in the UK, according to the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA).
News ID: 66428    Publish Date : 2016/07/13

While the long term impact of Brexit on shipping and the wider economy is unclear brokers Poten believe it could have a positive impact on the tanker market, particularly product tankers.
News ID: 66108    Publish Date : 2016/06/27

The creation of a European border control system received a first green light from the European Parliament and Council negotiators on Tuesday night.
News ID: 66046    Publish Date : 2016/06/25

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