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Publish Date: 14:29 - 26 September 2016

Maritime UK sets out Brexit agenda

ATTRACTING business investment, having a global approach and prioritising Britain should be the UK’s strategy in light of the Brexit vote, according to Maritime UK, an organisation that promotes UK maritime interests.

Maritime UK sets out Brexit agenda
According to MANA, In a recently published briefing, Maritime UK outlined how the UK maritime sector must respond to maintain its leading position in the global industry once it leaves the European Union.
“There are now huge opportunities to be seized and the industry recognises the significant responsibility it has in ensuring that Britain is open for business, and is committed to working in partnership with government to ensure that our voice is heard in the discussions ahead,” Maritime UK chairman David Dingle said.
The report, which the organisation presented to UK shipping minister John Hayes, echoed Mr Dingle’s comments, claiming that Brexit will allow the country to reconsider some of the regulations to enhance its competitiveness. At the same time, the government must ensure that its new relationship with the EU does not compromise the UK maritime sector via the strain of visa requirements and that the country maintains its access to the single market.
On a global level, the UK should try to become more influential through the International Maritime Organization and the International Labour Organisation. At the same time tariffs should not be raised and the government must protect UK financial services’ passport rights into the European single market.
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