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In today’s advancing and ever-changing world in which the central role of this continuous change is undeniable like the other industries, the development in science and marine industries and the advent of new technologies in some field such as: navigation, port-related, ship-building will be impossible without applying communicative facilities.
Meanwhile, along with public electronic print media the role of specialized media with technical and scientific approach and expert attitude toward changes and internal and external navigation will be more remarkable in a way that is able to both respond to the addresse’s specialized demands in these fields and to complement the process of spreading other media’s news.

Based on this, English Maritime News Agency MANA covers all important maritime-related issues both domestic and international.

It also provides the readers with comprehensive reports and valuable articles. Moreover, publishing exclusive interviews with some prominent figures in shipping industry has made it as a very informative and attractive news agency.

By offering market analysis and daily market indicators, English Maritime News Agency makes a big contribution to decision making processes of traders.

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