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The Panama Canal closed its 2018 fiscal year with a record tonnage of 442.1 million Panama Canal tons (PC/UMS), a 9.5 percent increase from the previous year.
News ID: 80270    Publish Date : 2018/11/01

Emerging future weather patterns have the potential to affect northern shipping between the Bering Strait and Atlantic Ocean as well as future rainfall in Central America, where the viable operation of the Panama Canal depends on reliable rainfall in a nation that depends heavily on hydroelectric power.
News ID: 78771    Publish Date : 2018/04/05

The number of LNG vessels transit ing the Panama Canal could grow by 50% in the coming months due to the increase in exports of US fuel, according to the Panama Canal Authority.
News ID: 78582    Publish Date : 2018/02/19

On November 7, the Caribbean Princess became the first cruise vessel of the 2017/2018 cruise season to transit the Expanded Panama Canal.
News ID: 77197    Publish Date : 2017/11/10

Suez Canal revenues fell 2.2% month-on-month in September 2017, according to official data. Revenues amounted to $459.8 million in September 2017, versus $470.6 million in August 2017, the data showed.
News ID: 76946    Publish Date : 2017/10/23

In 2017:
“While the Asian cruise market has grown tremendously within the past four years – it has the potential to capture a much larger percentage of the Asian population, which could catapult Asia’s capacity share ahead of competing markets,” said Joel Katz, executive director, CLIA
News ID: 76211    Publish Date : 2017/09/11

The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) are setting up a security corridor Gulf of Aden and Bab Al Mandeb in response to recent attacks in the region.
News ID: 76203    Publish Date : 2017/09/11

The container ship COSCO Development has set a record as the largest vessel to date to enter the expanded Panama Canal.
News ID: 73748    Publish Date : 2017/05/03

The box ship Taiwanese Yang Ming 8,200 teu-Yang Ming Unity became the 500th neo-panamax vessel to transit the expanded Panama Canal that began operations nearly 6 months ago. The Yang Ming Unity is 335.7 m-long and 42.8 m-wide is a neo-panamax built in 2006.
News ID: 70954    Publish Date : 2016/12/19

The ‘old Panamax’ sector seems to be slowly fading away, falling from 969 units in 2012 to 796 at the start of October, as the fleet is in a steady and perhaps terminal decline, according to Clarksons Research.
News ID: 69815    Publish Date : 2016/11/02

ٍExpanded Panama Canal:
The opening of the new, expanded Panama Canal locks in June has ushered in a new era for container ship sector, and is prompting significant changes in asset and deployment trends.
News ID: 68057    Publish Date : 2016/08/08

The Panama Canal Authority has confirmed one contact of a vessel with one of the locks and refuted reports that there have been two collisions in the newly expanded Panama Canal.
News ID: 67964    Publish Date : 2016/08/03

The Panama Canal saw on Monday the first ever transit of a LNG carrier through its expanded locks, marking the arrival of the highly-anticipated sector of shipping to the waterway.
News ID: 67795    Publish Date : 2016/07/26

The 8,900 teu-MOL Benefactor carrying 7,100 teu became on 1 July the first neo-panamax container vessel to transit the Panama Canal after its inauguration 26 June.
News ID: 66265    Publish Date : 2016/07/04

Inauguration of Expanded Panama Canal:
The world’s largest container carrier Maersk Line says it is likely to increase its usage of the Panama Canal, now the new expanded locks have opened.
News ID: 66127    Publish Date : 2016/07/21

More than 20,000 spectators, international delegations, Canal customers, shipowners and liner ceos watched the 9,478 teu-Marshall Islands-flagged Cosco Shipping Panama slowly transit ing the Pacific Cocoli locks while President Juan Carlos Varela formally declared inaugurated the expanded Panama Canal, at 6pm (local time).
News ID: 66121    Publish Date : 2016/06/28

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