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Publish Date: 14:27 - 08 January 2018

Indian Ports Register Positive Growth of 3.64%

The major ports in India have recorded a growth of 3.64% and together handled 499.41 Million Tonnes of cargo during the period April to December, 2017 as against 481.87 Million Tonnes handled during the corresponding period of previous year.

Indian Ports Register Positive Growth of 3.64%
For the period from April- December 2017, Eight Ports (Kolkata (incl.Haldia), Paradip, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Cochin, New Mangalore, JNPT and Kandla) have registered positive growth in traffic, MANA correspondent reported.
The highest growth was registered by Cochin Port (17.27%), followed by Paradip (14.59%), Kolkata [incl. Haldia] (12.45%), New Mangalore (6.60%) and JNPT (5.94%).
Cochin Port growth was mainly due to increase in traffic of POL (24.10%) and Containers (10.79%). There was decrease in traffic of other Liquids (-23.16%), Fertilizer Raw Materials (-20.00%), Finished Fertilizers (-11.76%) and other Misc. Cargo (-6.21%).
In Kolkata Port, overall growth was 12.45%. Kolkata Dock System (KDS) registered traffic growth of 1.92%. Whereas Haldia Dock Complex (HDC) registered positive growth of 17.67% which is highest among all the Major Ports.
During the period April to December 2017, Kandla Port handled the highest volume of traffic i.e. 81.12 Million tonnes (16.24% share), followed by Paradip with 74.40 Million Tonnes (14.90% share), JNPT with 48.89 Million Tonnes (9.79% share), Mumbai with 47.53 Million Tonnes (9.52% share), and Visakhapatnam with 46.56 Million Tonnes (9.32% share). Together, these five ports handled around 60% of Major Port Traffic.
Along with focused efforts to improve operational efficiency of ports and increase traffic at ports, Ministry of Shipping is making steady strides towards utilizing the country’s river system & inland waterways aseconomically viable and environment friendly mode of transport.
Focused efforts are been made to connect North-East region to Kolkata, Haldia, Mongla and Chittagong ports, provide efficient logistics in North-East region and set up Ro-Ro off services across river banks.
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