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Publish Date: 16:32 - 22 December 2017

The prospects and dangers of digitalization

In the latest DNV GL podcast series, CEO of VDE, Ansgar Hinz talks about digitalization and the issues that have risen around it. He also addresses cyber crimes and cyber threats and outlines solutions on how to prevent them.

The prospects and dangers of digitalization
Mr. Hinz noted that the current technological advancements are very exciting. However, many of them are out of our control, so there is a need for sensor implementation, for data collection and control of these voltage and grid levels too, MANA correspondent reported.
Furthermore, because of the vast amount of data shared nowadays, the issue of cyber security comes up.
In order to make digitalization more safe, three elements are key:
*The technology side of to collect data
*The development of a common language of machines, of describing functions of sensors and systems, a component in a system.
*Communication. It is important to define the cyber security risks and emergency events. 
Furthermore, cyber threat will not be a temporary problem, as for Ansgar Hinz, more that 10 years have to pass in order to find permanent solutions, one being blockchain technology.
“During the next 10 to 12 years, we will not see a scalable mass of quantum computers or computers or communication systems based on quantum technology. So I would say, on the mid-run, when we’re talking about a perspective of eight to ten years, we have to deal with cyber security risk,” Mr Hinz concludes.
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