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Publish Date: 09:32 - 08 November 2017

Touska to Return Home after Embarkation in China

The Iranian container ship, Touska, has been planned to return to Bandar Abbas once its embarking in the Chinese Port of Shenzhen is completed.

Touska to Return Home after Embarkation in China
According to MANA, this container ship had collided into a natural barrier in the vicinity of Hong Kong on Sunday night. After coordination with Hong Kong’s port authorities, Touska diverted to a wharf last night for inspection and investigation about any probable damage.
Based on MANA’s report, technical inspections were conducted under the supervision of port authorities, classification society representatives, and experts from the company who had insured the hull and the machineries; and since the extent of the damage was minor, the vessel was able to continue its venture after some brief repairs.
The report added that once Touska reaches the Chinese Port of Shenzhen, it will be embarked and it will be on its way back home to Bandar Abbas.
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