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Publish Date: 09:02 - 14 September 2017

UK to Double Size Ship Register

The UK has pledged to double the size of its ship register putting in the top 10 globally.

UK to Double Size Ship Register
At the start of London International Shipping Week (LISW) the UK’s Shipping Minister John Hayes said that the government is working to double the size of the UK Ship Register from 16m gt to 30m gt, MANA correspondent reported.
Hayes highlighted that ships flying the Red Ensign enjoyed international tax breaks, British consular support and protection from the Royal Navy.
The growth the ship registry is seen as part of a post-Brexit trade strategy.
“In Britain’s post Brexit future we will grow the Red Duster (Ensign), forging new global relationships,” Hayes said.
“Unfurling the Red Duster shows Britain’s maritime leadership to the world. Once again Britannia rules the waves and the UK will be a dominant maritime force.”
The UK Ship Register grew 11% between 2015 and 2017.
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