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Publish Date: 12:28 - 20 April 2017

Philippine Forces Rescue Cargo Ship from Pirates

The Philippine Coast Guard and Navy have thwarted a pirate attack on a freighter off Zamboanga del Norte, the Philippines, the Coast Guard confirmed.

Philippine Forces Rescue Cargo Ship from Pirates
The attack occurred in the morning hours of April 18, local media cited Alvin Dagalea, Zamboanga Coast Guard Station Commander, MANA correspondent reported.
The cargo vessel, M/V Dona Anabelle, was reportedly sailing to Zamboanga from Iloilo when armed attackers approached on two motorboats and started firing at the cargo ship. The freighter’s crew managed to send a distress call that was picked up by the security forces that sent a navy ship to the scene.
Having seen the security forces approaching, the gunmen aborted their attempts to board the vessel and fled the scene.
There were no injuries reported.
The cargo ship continued its voyage to Zamboanga escorted by the security forces’ ships.
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