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Publish Date: 14:08 - 04 April 2017

Oldendorff to Use 'Smart' Data to Cut Fuel Costs

GERMANY's dry bulk owner and operator Oldendorff Carriers will be using a unique onboard data collection system by BMT Group to cut bunker fuel costs, which will lead to a lower carbon footprint from each vessel.

Oldendorff to Use
According to MANA, The technology is also designed to improve the overall efficiency of the fleet, it said in a statement.
“Oldendorff recognised the potential benefits of implementing fleet and vessel performance monitoring," said Oldendorff's projects manager Christopher Fee.
"The innovative solutions BMT SMART offer to the maritime industry bring together the traditional practice of good ship operating and the impressive power of big data analytics," he said, adding that it supports the company's quest to further improve the technical and operational efficiency of its modern fleet of eco-ships.
"The fuel we save through utilising SMART in our daily operations not only reflects well on our bottom line, but most importantly, is a huge win for the environment, since less CO2 is emitted per voyage," Mr Fee said.
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