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Publish Date: 10:48 - 14 February 2017

Indian Yard Wins U.S. Navy Repair Contract

Reliance Defence and Engineering of India has signed a Master Ship Repair Agreement for the U.S. Navy’ Seventh Fleet vessels operating in the region.

Indian Yard Wins U.S. Navy Repair Contract
According to MANA, The fleet has about 100 vessels of different types, including auxiliaries. Currently, they visit Singapore or Japan for such works.
The move follows a Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement signed between New Delhi and Washington in August 2016. The agreement enables their militaries to use each other’s assets and bases for repair and replenishment of supplies, making joint operations more efficient. The deal can cover food, water, billeting, oil, lubricants, clothing, medical services, training and other logistical support.
The U.S. Seventh Fleet is the largest of the U.S. Navy's forward­deployed fleets. At any given time there are roughly 50­70 ships and submarines, 140 aircraft, and approximately 20,000 Sailors in Seventh Fleet. 
The Seventh Fleet’s area of operation encompasses 36 maritime countries and 50 percent of the world’s population, including the five largest foreign militaries: China, Russia, India, North Korea, and the Republic of Korea.
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