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Publish Date: 09:16 - 16 January 2017

Iran Faces No Trouble in Shipping and Transportation

Iran’s deputy foreign minister stated that shipping and transportation are of great significance for the country, and no major economic policy could move forward without them. He also asserted that new horizons are on the way for Iranian shipping community.

Iran Faces No Trouble in Shipping and Transportation
In a press conference at the first anniversary of JCPOA execution, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Seyed Abbas Araghchi, pointed out that Iran has witnessed the removal of many obstacles in shipping and transportation since JCPOA has been put into action, MANA correspondent reported.
Based on the most recent updates from Iran’s shipping officials, Araghchi continued, things are in place in the field of shipping with no serious problems.
Araghchi added that in his conversations with IRISL director, Dr. Mohammad Saeedi, and the reports he had received from this IRISL executive, all the disputes related to IRISL’s insurance, flag and ship classes have been settled, and access to world’s ports have been facilitated. Thus, it could be concluded that shipping and transportation are smoothly in operation with no problems.
National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) plays a key role in the transferring of Iranian oil, Araghchi further added, and it used to struggle with insurance issues at the sanctions’ era. Today, however, this problem has been resolved and our ships are covered with over one billion dollars of insurance.
The obstacles for Iran’s purchasing of airliners from other countries, particularly from the main manufacturers have been eliminated, and the first recently-purchased airliners entered Iran a few days ago, Araghchi continued. Iran has signed a 10-year contract for purchasing airliners, and today, Iranian airliners could refuel in almost every country in the world.
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