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Publish Date: 09:41 - 02 January 2017

Denmark's Largest Gas Field to Shut Down

Maersk Oil said that production from the Tyra field was likely to cease in 2018 as efforts to find an “economically viable solution” for full recovery had not been found.

According to MANA, "Maersk Oil has today issued a notification to the Danish gas market. This notification announces that an economically viable solution for full recovery of the remaining resources in the Tyra field has not yet been identified, and that production from the Tyra field is consequently expected to cease 1 October 2018," said a press statement.
“Tyra has since 1984 been the main hub for gas production and processing in the Danish North Sea. 
Tyra is Denmark’s largest gas field and the facilities are the processing and export centre for all gas produced by the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC). More than 90% of Denmark’s gas production is processed through the facilities.
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