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Publish Date: 09:59 - 15 December 2016

Maersk Line to Drive More Volumes Through APM Terminals

As part of the Maersk’s “new direction” set out by ceo Soren Skou on Tuesday the relationship between Maersk Line and APM Terminals is set to change.

Maersk Line to Drive More Volumes Through APM Terminals
According to MANA, the two businesses have operated at arms length for the last decade with APM Terminals separated from Maersk Line at the beginning of 2007 with a separate headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.
“In the past we have operated the transhipment hubs with Maersk being a customer and APMT being a supplier. In the future, in fact we have already started to operate our transhipment hubs as one company,” Skou said at Maersk’s capital markets day.
Some 43% of Maersk Line’s container moves are transhipment and 48% of these are made at facilities run by APM Terminals.
In total 32% of all Maersk’s container moves are with APM Terminals plans to drive more of its own volumes through the group’s terminals.
From 2018 these volumes will be boosted by the acquisition of Hamburg Sud.
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