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Publish Date: 11:47 - 17 November 2016
Pakistan's Ambassador Stated:

We Wait Iran Response to Launch Marine Line

Referring to trade capacity of the two countries, Pakistan's ambassador on a visit to Chabahar stated that execution of joint power and energy projects with the purpose of an increase in Tehran-Islamabad's transactions worth five billion dollars is top of the agenda.

We Wait Iran Response to Launch Marine Line
Given the trading volume between Iran and Pakistan which stands at half a billion dollars, this official figure said: this is not satisfying due to the two countries' capacities, MANA correspondent reported. 
Considering the trading volume to be reached to $5 billion in the next five years, he added that this opportunity will be obtained by identifying the economic advantages of the two countries.
He further continued: Pakistani delegations is to visit Tehran next month to negotiate with Iran about electricity exports to Pakistan. "We aim at importing 1000MW of electricity from Iran to the extent that it will be completed by 2018," he emphasized. 
Pakistan's ambassador highlighted that the countries will improve their long-lasting relations by launching a refinery in Pakistan as well as lunching a direct shipping line from Chabahar-Karachi. 
He finally added that: we wait to hear from Iran about launching direct shipping line Chabahar-Karachi. 
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