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Publish Date: 08:40 - 03 August 2016

Shipment of Gas to Europe Is High on the Agenda

Director of the International Affairs Department at National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Azizollah Ramezani, stated: talks with the purpose of gas shipment to well-credited German company have been held.

Shipment of Gas to Europe Is High on the Agenda
Ramezani told the Panel of Prospect of Gas Industry for the next half century that the deal is expected to pave the way for export and shipment of gas to West Europe, MANA correspondent reported.
Referring to negotiations with a private company for gas swap, He stated that: "Talks are underway for Turkmen gas swap with Azerbaijan through a private company."
In order for the share of Iran world gas trade to be increased , he said talks are being held with Oman, Kuwait and the UAE and once they are finalized, signing of a contract with the parties will be possible.
He then said studies on new markets including LNG markets in Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, eastern and western Europe, India, China and Southeast Asia are top of the agenda.
He added that contracts have been signed with such big international companies for gas trade like Gazprom, Siemens, SK Telecom and Kogas as well as a Belgian and French company.
The deals cover cooperation in areas such as natural gas, LNG, CNG, LPG, financing, natural gas storage through BOT, BOO and EPCF schemes.
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