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Publish Date: 16:26 - 21 June 2016
With the Execution of JCPOA

Previous Customers Return to IRISL

Previous Customers Return to IRISL The director of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines IRISL’s agency office in South Korea stated: with launching the shipping line from Incheon port to Middle East, there will be a significant saving of time and costs.
Explaining the reason for launching Middle East - Incheon port shipping line, Ghasem Ghayur Zahmatkesh stated to MANA reporter that IRISL’s customers are dispersed in different parts of South Korea, he added, most of them are in the South and near to Busan Port and some other are in the North near to Seoul and Incheon port.
He further stated: in the past, empty containers were shipped to the North from South of Korea, and after embarking were shipped to the South again and then were dispatched to the destination.Hence,the cost of transportation was so high.As a result,Zahmatkesh continued: we decided to activate the shipping line of Incheon port which would decrease this route by the half.
The director of IRISL’s agency office in South Korea remarked: Since then, once every two weeks the vessels will be embarked and .dispatched to their destination, in a way that we would be witnessing a significant saving of time and costs, he continued
Counting the other merits of this new shipping line, Zahmatkesh asserted: with the execution of Joint Comprehensive Plan of
Action(JCPOA) and lifting of the sanctions, Islamic Republic of Iran intends to emerge in the South Korea maritime transportation market just like the past.
He emphasized: North of Korea, Seoul region and Incheon port are regarded as commercial centers, hence, we intend to offer our services in this port.
Counting the execution of JCPOA as a benchmark in opening the world markets for Iranian prominent companies,The director of IRISL’s agency office in South Korea acknowledged: the lifting of the sanctions would play a paramount role in expanding collaboration with other countries.
Making a reference to the tough and severe competition among shipping lines in the international level and particularly in South Korea, Zahmatkesh stated: we are fully prepared to compete in the international level.
Elaborating on the future plans, he added:in accordance with the announced plans by Dr. Mohammad Saeedi, IRISL director and chairman of the board, we would conduct our long-term plans.
Pointing out to that promotion of IRISL ranking to 15th ranking among the world best companies is a top priority for the management of this group.In order to accomplish this goal, Zahmatkesh emphasized that we as a part of IRISL are fully prepared and willing to cooperate.
Considering the increasing advertisement for attraction of new customers and employment of new personnel as long-term purposes of IRISL’s agency office in South Korea, Zahmatkesh remarked :in order to expand our activities , we intend to employing new personnel.
It is necessary to mention that Direct Container Service from Incheon port in South Korea to Middle East has been recently launched
with the help of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL.
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