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Publish Date: 11:55 - 08 June 2016
Khazar Sea Shipping Director Announced:

The Ship "Perin" Docked at Aktau New Port under Iranian Flag

Khazar Sea Shipping director announced that a ship belonging to his organization, entitled "perin", has docked at the new port of Aktau.

The Ship "Perin" Docked at Aktau New Port under Iranian FlagAliakbar Ghonji stated to MANA reported that the pertinacious endeavors of Khazar Sea Shipping staff and the negotiations made by this Shipping representative at Aktao Port enabled the ship Perin to dock at this port today under Iranian flag. He further stated that Khazar Sea Shipping fleet could freely dock at this port under Iranian flag from now on. This is a great achievement, he added, given that so far, only ships under Kazakhstani and Russian flags were allowed to go through and dock at this port.
It should not be left unmentioned that the new port of Aktao is located in the northwest of the old Akltao port, and it was inaugurated on March 25th 2015. This port enjoys two embarking platforms: one for dry goods and the other for loading bulk commodities. The capacity of embarking in this port is 160,000 tons per month. Besides, this port enjoys 6 10,000-ton metal silos, which have a total capacity of 60 thousand tons.
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