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Publish Date: 15:01 - 28 May 2016

Remarkable Non-Petroleum Exports from Arvand to Iraq

The observer of Khuzestan Province Customs stated: in April 2016, Arvand Trade-Industrial Free Zone has witnessed the export of 368.389 tons of goods to Iraq.

Remarkable Non-Petroleum Exports from Arvand to IraqIn an interview with MANA correspondent, Mohammad Reza Jafari remarked: the worth of these Non-Petroleum Goods including: building material, food minerals, Ironware and fruit reached $134m.he added, these goods have been exported to Northern ports of Iraq via Khorramshahr maritime border and Shalamcheh bordering market which is situated in the vicinity of Arvand Trade-Industrial Free Zone.
He continued: owing to being located at soil-water zone, Arvand Trade-Industrial Free Zone enjoys high potential for exporting goods to neighboring countries and Persian Gulf is speculated, Jafari added, with the execution of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA) and new political and economic condition it brings about ,we would be witnessing a good progress in the exports from this region.
Mohammad Reza Jafari remarked: last year, goods worth one billion Dollars had been exported abroad from Arvand Trade-Industrial Free Zone.
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