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Publish Date: 15:29 - 24 May 2016

The Launching of Quickest Full electronic Vessel

The result of a five-year-long EU project, the world’s fastest Air Supported Vessel (ASV), fully powered by lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS), has been launched at Latitude Yachts in Riga, Latvia.

The Launching of Quickest Full electronic Vessel According to MANA, The new first of its kind vessel BB Green operates at a speed of 30 knots (56km/h) and holds up to 70 passengers plus bikes. It will initially be used for demonstration purposes across Europe.
BB Green includes a 200 kWh LTO energy storage system enabling it to operate at high speed for over 30 minutes with a 14 nautical mile (26 km) range. At each stop, it benefits from fast charging for 15-20 minutes. This makes BB Green the “the world’s fastest electric commuter vessel” – suited for commuting on inland waterways from outer suburbs to the city center.
BB Green is owned by SES Europe together with Green City Ferries, who will operate the ship on its maiden voyage, a “road show” from Riga to Stockholm, through the canal to Gothenburg and then on to Oslo.
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