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Publish Date: 10:04 - 03 May 2016

90% Progress in Iranian Classification Institute Membership in IACS

A member of Iran-Korea Collaboration Team stated: the visit of Korean President along with executives from 100 Korean companies and the interest of this economic team in building economic ties with Iranian firms highlights further developments in the economic relationships of the two countries in the near future.

90% Progress in Iranian Classification Institute Membership in IACSAccording to MANA,In the press conference post-hoc to the agreement of developing mutual collaborations between South Korean KR classification institute and Iranian classification Institute, Dr. Bum-Shik Park announced that the establishment of such a company could guaranty the technology for Iranian classification institute by offering services such as supervision, issuing various certificates, quality control systems, approving plans and maps, counseling, and industrial and technical services in all industries including maritime and off-shore industries. By the help of Iranian classification institute, he further stated that we will offer training, research and other knowledge-based services not only to the Iranian maritime society but also to the international maritime community.
With reference to the guaranty of the quality by Iranian classification institute, KR classification institute director asserted that his company is after offering other management systems such as health management, environment management, work hygiene, energy, and security management.
Offering these services is not only beneficial for owners of production and services centers, but they could also be used by independent experts of insurance companies, banks and other areas, the Iran-Korea Collaboration Team member continued.
Regarding the membership of Iranian classification institute in International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), Dr. Park emphasized that Iranian currently faces no problem for the membership of IACS, yet the IACS membership requirements should be passed stage by stage and hence, Iranian has to work hard. As a case in point, a set of institutional rules that has been handed to Iranian via KR have to be devised and developed, and my institute is more than interested to offer any help.

90% Progress in Iranian Classification Institute Membership in IACS
Later in the press conference, Dr. Park stated that the membership of Iranian Classification Institute in IACS has progressed up to 90 %, and the remaining 10 % will be progressed within a timed schedule. However, prior to becoming a member of IACS, Iranian had better apply to join the Asian Classification Institute. This application is currently being pursued by the Korean KR Institute, and we do hope that its membership is approved in the next round.
Regarding the future give-and-takes between the two countries, the Iran-Korea Collaboration Team member asserted that the visit of South Korean president along with the executives from 100 high-tech and industrial Korean companies to Iran indicates the interest of Korean president and the accompanying economic team to expand their ties with Iranian companies and institutes; therefore, it is predicted that the future economic ties between Iran and South Korean governments extend even further.
In response to MANA correspondent’s questions asking “What areas of investment in Iran do you recommend for foreign investors”, KR director replied Iran is a vast and great country and its oil and gas reserves have turned it into a strategic country. He suggested investments in fields such as energy extraction, transportation and export to foreign investors. Moreover, he counted exporting agricultural, petroleum and gas products as options worth considering.
Pointing out that Iran is a vast maritime country, Dr. Park asserted that Iran should not merely depend on its current fleet’s tonnage and age, rather it should take measures to expand it tonnage and renew its fleet; and South Korea stands by Iran in this field.
Regarding Iran and South Korea ties, he stressed that he has personally pointed out to Kim Seung-Ho, Korean ambassador in Iran, that expanding Iranian market and Iran-Korea ties needs further time and contemplation.
Korean KR classification director also emphasized that the first step to commence investment in Iran is that investors find reliable and cooperative partners since it is the key to success. In the end, he asserted that KR could faithfully aid Iran in maritime classification since KR is the core organization in South Korea’s maritime activities, and it could proceed with the mutual collaboration with its counterpart in Iran (i.e., Iranian Classification Institute).
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