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Publish Date: 15:09 - 24 April 2016

Largest Cargo Ship Calls at Khoramshahr Port

Khoramshahr Ports and Shipping Organization announced that the largest cargo ship, having set off from Singapore, called at this port.

Largest Cargo Ship Calls at Khoramshahr PortAdel Deris stated that the ship carried equipment for building oil rigs from Singapore to Khoramshahr Port, MANA reported. This 12-thousand-ton ship called at the maritime installations wharf in this port. Deris also stated that the ship was 146 m long, 38 m wide and 8 m deep. 
Deris hoped that infrastructures gain better shape for the docking of high-capacity and large-sized ships at Khoramshahr Port by extracting the sunken vessels from Arvand International water stream.
Last year and for the first time after the Iran-Iraq war, a massive container ship with the capacity of 700 TEU containers docked at Khoramshahr Port.
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