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Publish Date: 15:06 - 12 April 2016

The First European Ship Called at Asalooyeh

Asalooyeh Port and Maritime Organization ‘s director announced that for the first time after the lifting of the sanctions, the first European ship from Italy, with the capacity of 35,000 tons, called at Asalooyeh Port.

The First European Ship Called at AsalooyehTiran Jasemzadeh put forward that port operations in Asalooyeh Port have increased since the lifting of the sanctions, MANA correspondent reported, and a chemical-carrying tanker called at Asalooyeh’s Pars Petrochemical Port this morning.
Jasemzadeh added that the Italian tanker, called GETTY BUTTIGLIERI, sailed under the flag of Italy, and it called at Asalooyeh Port to embark petrochemicals. This is the first chemical-carrying tanker to call at Asalooyeh Port following the execution of JCPOA and the lifting of the sanctions on Iran, he also added.
According to Jasemzadeh, the capacity of this ship is 35 thousand tons and it is supposed to be loaded with heavy carbon cutting material in Asalooyeh. The navigation management as well as all the docking operations of this vessel were conducted by the maritime experts of this port, he added.
With reference to the development of resistance economy and the necessity of expanding Iran’s economic ties with the world countries in the post-JCPOA era, Jasemzadeh proposed that Asalooyeh Port enjoys all the necessary facilities and the specialist human resources; it is hence ready and interested to collaborate with foreign holdings to increase investment, expand economic activities transit goods.
Asalooyeh Port and Shipping director further asserted that Persian Gulf water stream, as one of the key transit routes in the Middle East, enjoys good security, and speculated that full capacities of Asalooyeh Port are put into use this year in order to boom Iran’s economy and gain the maximum amount of investment from private sector and foreign investors.
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