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Publish Date: 14:30 - 12 April 2016

Performance of Shahid Rajaee Port in 2015

The director of the special economic zone announced the largest Iranian commercial port has registered the operation of embarkation and disembarkation of 65 million tons of petroleum and non-petroleum goods and a development in traveling of vessels in 2015.

Performance of Shahid Rajaee Port in 2015
According to MANA, Ebrahim Idani offered a report on the performance of Shahid Rajaee Port in 2015 and stated: during the mentioned period, an overall amount of 64,714,325 tons of petroleum and non-petroleum goods embarked and disembarked in the largest commercial port of Iran, Mana reported.
He added: “the port experienced the operation of 40,678,947 and 24,035,378 tons of petroleum and non-petroleum goods, respectively.”
Transition of 4.2 million non- petroleum goods
“Total amounts of transited goods through Shahid Rajaee Port was 4,237,543 tons during the last year”, Head manager of Ports and Maritime Organization said.
Moreover, export of non-petroleum goods were 24,799,833 tons in the commercial port of Iran. Meanwhile, more than 9 million tons of non-petroleum goods imported through this Port, which highlights a 30 percent decrease in comparison with the same period in 2014.”, he added.
Transshipment of more than 1.2 million tons
“The Cabotage of the mentioned goods is more than 193,000 tons”, he said. Moreover, transshipment of an average of 1,224,958 tons of non-petroleum goods through feeder shipping lines to other ports made Shahid Rajaee Port a central port.
An increase of 26 percent in exporting petroleum goods
Export of petroleum goods experienced an amount of 26 percent ascent during the last year to 6,318,523 tons”, the manger of the largest commercial port declared.
According to his report, 2,384,68 tons of petroleum material imported and 699,324 tons of such materials transited during the mentioned period. He also announced the embarkation and disembarkation of 1,680,748 TEU containers in the largest and the most advanced container port of Iran.
Travelling development in the largest commercial port 
The official figure stated: “this largest commercial port of the country experienced travelling of more than 4,000 tonnages of vessels which shows a 2- percent rise in comparison with the same period of the last year.”
In the end, he remarked: “this port witnessed the entrance of more than 3,000 vessels with the volume of 1,000 tons”. 
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