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Publish Date: 12:46 - 11 April 2016

A 15-percent increase in the Export from Lengeh Port

The director of Hormozgan Province ports and Maritime Organization announced the 100-percent rise in the transit of petroleum goods in ports and the Islands in Hormozgan Province West Region like siri ,lavan, and Abu Musa.

A 15-percent increase in the Export from Lengeh PortAccording to MANA reporter, Mahmood Sabari offered a report of the performance of Hormozgan Province Ports and Maritime Organization and stated: during the mentioned period, over 11,660,000 tons of petroleum and non-petroleum goods have been embarked and disembarked in these ports.
He added: of total,9,466,0 40 tons are petroleum goods and the rest are non-petroleum goods, this figure highlights an 8-percent rise in goods transit.
Announcing the increase in the export of non-petroleum goods in the west ports of Khuzestan Province ,Sabari remarked: Lengeh Port experienced the export of 411,681 tons of goods abroad in 2015, which this figure shows a 15-percent increase in comparison with the same period in the past year.

The director of Ports and Maritime Organization announced: cars, rice, sugar, wheat, edible oil, soya, fruit, mineral materials ,clothes and fibers are among major goods which have been exported to United Arab Emirates, Middle East countries, and Iraq.
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