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Publish Date: 12:16 - 10 April 2016

Chabahar Port Moves towards Third Generation Ports

The director of Sistan-Baluchestan Ports and Maritime Organization expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the majority of investments in Chabahar Port aim economic development.

Chabahar Port Moves towards Third Generation PortsSiavosh Rezvani added that Chabahar Port will move toward third generation and ideal ports in the future, MANA reported. Moreover, Rezvani asserted that most investments in this port target the construction of specialized silos, employing modern equipment, managerial knowledge and skills, extensive networks, specialized cranes, light industries, and logistic companies in the port and petrochemical areas. These investments, according to Rezvani, are attempts to absorb a larger share of goods transportation for this port.
As a significant and strategic port, Rezvani further stated, Chabahar Port enjoys the necessary potentials and desirable capabilities; it hence has to be in the pursuit of obtaining more shares from the transportation in the region.
He hoped that the port will have been equipped with sucking and pulling devices by the second half of this year.
Sistan-Baluchestan Ports and Maritime Organization director submitted that maritime tourism and supervising constructions in the coastal regions are among the top priorities of this organization in 2016. Supervision on the coastal regions, Rezvani explained, would not only stabilize the organizational position of his office but it would also earn the support of the governor general and Ports and Maritime Organization as an administrative institution.
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