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Publish Date: 15:45 - 09 April 2016

Establishing Asalloyeh-Kish Shipping Line

The executive operations for the second phase of Asalooyeh Massive Touristy Project including a marine restaurant, a sea hotel, and a shipping line to Kish Island will start from April 2016.

 Establishing Asalloyeh-Kish Shipping Line In an interview with MANA correspondent, the counselor and executor of Asalooyeh Massive Touristy Project remarked that the second phase of executive operations for this tourist-attracting project will commence from this year. To this end, he added, more macro-plans will be devised.
According to Soleimanimagham, the second phase of Asalooyeh Massive Touristy Project will be performed at the sea, and it includes the construction of a hotel and a restaurant. Soleimanimagham further stated that the second phase of this project includes the launching of shipping lines in Asalooyeh-Kish, Asalooyeh-Hendourabi, and Asalooyeh-Boushehr Routes.
He stressed that the launching of these shipping lines will give rise to a tremendous change in the tourism in the region.
He added that Asalooyeh enjoys some exclusive and unique maritime tourism features what do not exist in any other southern coastal region. Hence, with the proper support of the government and the participation of the private sector investors, this coastal city could reach the status it deserves.
According to Soleimanimagham, in the first phase of the Asalooyeh Massive Touristy Project, all types of maritime tourism services to tourists such as the beach for swimming, maritime sports clubs, beach hang-out area, beach traditional restaurant, beach cafeteria, fun fair, handy crafts market, restaurant, and the like.
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