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Publish Date: 11:48 - 22 April 2016
 An Extensive Program to Enter the Field  of Export and Import
SAPID Shipping Lines (IRISL Bulk) with an empowered fleet and skilled professionals has been targeting to enter the field of export & import in the post-sanctions era 
 Mr. Ghaderi the managing director of SAPID Shipping Lines (IRISL Bulk) in an interview with the MANA about the company’s future plans.
What plans do you have for active participation at global level for the New Year?
We do have widespread and comprehensive plans for active participation of our company at global level for the coming year. Lifting the sanctions, fortunately, has created a unique opportunity for our company to expand its activities more actively at global level. In order to reach the mentioned target, while we are striving to strengthen our good current position in the region, we have started making necessary arrangements to call the ports; we were not able to call, during the sanctions period, and once more create a prominent name and position for our dear company. Happily, our company enjoys a very high potentiality and ability in respect of professional and veteran staff and strong fleet and it is absolutely possible for our company to continue its operations as one of the most successful shipping companies in the world.
What projects have been anticipated for developing and expansion of the activities and capacity of the fleet for transportation of the goods?
As a matter of fact, one of the most important projects and goals of the company is the expansion of the activities and increasing the capacity of transportation of the goods and consequently increasing our market share. Actually, the high number of the vessels which are active in shipping industry, has caused excess supply over demand and eventually falling the freights dramatically and severely in shipping industry. Needless to say, we are monitoring the international market attentively and continuously and, in due time, will take all necessary actions in connection with developing the national fleet and ability to transport the goods in order to reach a suitable market share for the company.
What obstacles are the company facing and what recommendation do you have for overcoming them?
As mentioned before, one of the severe problems, at the moment, causing huge inconvenience for the owners and operators is the oversupply of the current operating vessels and the shortage of the shipments for transportation at global level so that during the last few months we have seen the lowest freight rates for the owners and operators which is indicating the unsuitable and unhealthy situation of the world’s economics as a whole. On the other hand, the active participation of our company in the shipping world was badly affected by the sanctions and regretfully we lost some of our market share globally, in connection with the sanctions. We need tremendous efforts to return the lost market share to reach the golden days again. We need to reopen our regional offices soon as possible and do our best to upgrade the position of our good company. At the moment, we are contacting and negotiating with the companies which we used to cooperate before the sanctions and are intending to restart the new lines and develop our activities globally.
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