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Publish Date: 17:42 - 03 April 2016

Chabahar Free Trade Zone Enters World Trade

The director of Chabahar Free Trade Zone announced the entrance of this port in the competitive international trade

Chabahar Free Trade Zone Enters World TradeDescribing the novel approach of Chabahar Free Trade Zone Organization, MANA reported, Hamed Ali Mobaraki remarked that this zone is going to implement transit in the region in its real terms. He added that Chabahar’s connection to the national railway network is the most important factor in paving the way for the promotion of goods transit from this free zone. Doing so, he hoped, we could accomplish our final goal, and we could replace the role of  petroleum in the development of national and regional economy.
As the most significant economic activists in Chabahar FreeTrade Zone, Mobaraki further stated, banks and insurance firms are the main driving force in the attraction of domestic and foreign investors, and this way, they could noticeably aid Chabahar Free Trade Zone Organization in practicing its new plans and approaches. Railway, he added, is among the most crucial elements in moving toward transit activities.
The director of the Chabahar Free Trade Zone Organization asserted that his organization plans to initially investigate and hence detect the problems ahead of the local investors and tackle them to be able to absorb these investors. Then, it would attempt paving the ground for the attraction of other domestic and foreign investors. By offering special loans and credits that free zones’ exclusive regulations authorize, banks are the key players in the development of the region.
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