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Publish Date: 17:22 - 10 March 2016

Solar Power to be Used in Marine Engines

Maritime and Ports Organization’s Maritime Protection director stated: Fossil fuel as used fuel in Marine Engine must be changed into gas, electrical, or solar energy sources.

Solar Power to be Used in Marine Engines
Given the strategy for reducing sources of Geothermal energy and Iran’s commitment regarding Maritime Protection, Mohammad Ghadari stated to MANA correspondent that all projects should be planned in the light of the reduction of Greenhouse gases and lack of using Fossil fuel sources.
with reference to the peace in Hara Forests in Geshem, Mohammad Ghadari remarked: the peace environment is absolutely necessary in Hara Forests, and there is no need for commuting vessels with high speed. according to climatic condition in this region, he added, designing and constructing Solar Powered Vessels is completely justifiable, in way that vessel designers are allowed to produce these types of vessels.
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