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Publish Date: 16:04 - 05 March 2016

Omani Investor Delegation Travel to Chabahar Port

A 30-member delegation of economic activists and Omani investors by chairman of Secretary of Mine, Trade and Industry, Dr.Ali Ebn Sood Alsnidi , will pay a visit to Chabahar Port, this one-day trip aims at the expansion of economic ties between the two countries.

Omani Investor Delegation Travel to Chabahar Port According to MANA, Deputy Secretary of Road and Urban Development and General Director of Maritime and Ports organization stated: in this trip, secretary of Mine,Trade and Industry, Dr.Ali Ebn Sood Alsnidi is accompanied by Secretary of Transportation Dr. Ahmad Ebn Mohammad Alfitsi.
Mohammad Saeed-Nejad continued: given good and deep-seated relationships between Iran and Oman as well as singing a memorandum of understanding on enforcement cooperation between Iran-Oman Ports, this travel has been arranged.
He further stated: the promotion of trade ties between Chabahar -Oman Ports and the enhancement of cooperation in the different fields constitute major purposes of Omani-investor delegation.holding joint meetings with economic activists and governmental officials have also been scheduled.
Referring to the investment opportunities in Chabahar ports and coasts, Mohammad Saeed-Nejad remarked: given that Oman enjoys the necessary grounds for investing by private sectors, this country is enable to expand its relationship with Iran in the various fields, such as:port, railway, and banking affairs.
In the end, he remarked: Head of Investment Fund, Business Advisor, General Director Customs,Ferry Shipping Executive Officer,Omani General Director of Governmental Fund, different sectors of investment, the Managers of Salalah Port, Oil Company, Maritime Transportation and Port Service Corporation will accompany this business delegation
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