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Publish Date: 10:38 - 28 February 2016

Tidewater is after No.1 position in Iranian Ports

The general director of Tidewater company in Middle East stated: this company is seeking to hold the first rank among other ports, hence, in order to achieve this goal, Tidewater company is going to be an active participant in all domestic and regional tenders.

 Tidewater is after No.1 position in Iranian Ports Referring to the post-sanctions era and establishing appropriate grounds in port area, Mehdi Etesam stated to MANA correspondent: given the post-sanctions era brings about appropriate grounds and new opportunities for ports, we intend to find our deserved position among other ports, in this light, participating in all domestic and foreign tenders is an important agenda.
He continued: in the light of sanctions removal, the issue of sanction relief over Tidewater company is being pursued by experts and experienced lawyers.
With reference to the arrangements for the post-sanctions era ,the general director of Tidewater company stated: the development of maritime activities as well as provide supportive services both for oil and gas projects, and for dredging projects constitute the most paramount  purposes of Tidewater company.
The general director of Tidewater company stressed: besides, performing developmental measures in ports, currently, the  new opportunity for investment in Iraq has been investigated, he added, with the cooperation of Maritime and Ports organization and announcement of several developmental plans for investment in North-South ports, the execution of these projects have been commenced.
Referring to the signed memorandum of understandings with foreign investors, Mehdi Etesam remarked: foreign investors have expressed their interest for mutual collaboration ,it is hoped that with the lifting of the sanctions ,these negotiations would reach an agreement.
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