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Publish Date: 11:47 - 10 February 2016

IRISL Brand Within Top 100

"IRISL Group" placed in one of the most credible top 100 lists

IRISL Brand Within Top 100
According to MANA, IRISL was omitted in the top 100 shipping lines made by one of the most credible institutes, Alphaliner during sanctions against Iran and HDS Lines as one of the subsidiaries of IRISL placed as the 23rd in the daily-updated list of 100 top shipping companies .
 After sanctions removals, the updated list replaced HDS Lines with  IRISL Group as the top 23rd shipping company in the world.
Operating 583 ships (translated into 3,017,345 TEU), APM-Maersk have seized the first rank in the list since 1996. Furthermore, the Danish company owns 265 ships out of 583 and the rest are chartered by this company.
Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) with 490 ships equivalent of 2,691,171 TEU have secured its place as the 2nd shipping company in the world.
According to Alphaliner list, the French CMA CGM lands on the 3rd top shipping company with 456 ships (translated into 1,812,166).
 Moreover, the list has undergone changes from Jan 25 to Feb 10 such as MOL which dropped to 11th from 9th in the world.
 Evergreen also mounted to the 4th best shipping company in the respective list. 
Finally, German Hamburg sud shipping company captured the 8th rank from 11th in Alphanliner list which according to many experts is the result of its merging with Chilean CSAV shipping company.
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