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Publish Date: 16:02 - 31 January 2016

The capacity of Shahid Rajaee Port to be promoted

The port affairs and special zone ‘s deputy of Hormozgan Province's Port and Maritime Organization stated that Shahid Rajaee Port aims at becoming more active in post-sanctions era by the expansion of special terminals including container, railway, grains, petroleum, and mineral materials as well as by the construction of Persian Gulf logistic park with an area of 2400 hectares.

The capacity of Shahid Rajaee Port to be promoted
According to MANA, in Hormozgan Province s ‘port and maritime organization ,Mohammad Ali Asle Saeedi poor referred to that shahid Rajaee port is both active in the container and non-container section. currently, The capacity of embarkation and disembarkation reaches approximately 90million tons ,which includes cargo, row-row, grains, mineral materials and other goods as well, he further stated . 
He continued :so far, extensive attempts have been made to turn shahid Rajaee port into the central should not be left unmentioned that that this port kept it’s activities even in the course of the economic sanctions ,and currently, in order to the goal to be accomplished ,this port is continuing its trend with more power and never-ending attempts.
The Expansion of Shahid Rajee Port ‘s lands From 2400 to 4800 Hectares
Saeedi poor announced: thanks to the recent continuous pursuing by the central organization as well as Hormozgan provinc ‘s port and maritime organization , this port managed to increase its area from 2400 to 4800 hectares. he further remarked, various operational projects have been commenced in the course of the past year, it is hoped that fruitful results to be yielded in the post-sanctions area.
The Capacity of Port Container To be 6,000,000 TEU Yearly 
Announcing the current capacity of container operation in Shahid Rajee port reaches approximately 3.3 million TEU in the year, The port affairs and special zone’s deputy of Hormozagan provinces’s port and maritime organization stated: with the equipping of left and right sides of terminal 2 in Shahi Rajeei port, it is speculated that this port would experience 6000,000TEU of container capacity yearly ,in the near future.
With the establishment of 3th phase of container terminal in this port , he continued, which is currently under the construction, the capacity of embarkation and disembarkation of goods would be promoted to 8,000,000 TEU in the year.
The construction of special Terminal for Grains with the Private Sector’s Investment
This official authority added: the construction of special terminal for grains and the establishment of one silo with the private sector‘s investment in Shahid Rajaee port has been an important agenda .he further stated, with the launching of this terminal, offering service to the ships loaded with wheat would be supported. 
The port affairs and special zone ‘s deputy of Hormozgan province ‘s port and maritime organization referred to the measures which have been taken in oil zone of Shahid Rajaee port ,and he continued, this sector which is recognized as Persian Gulf port, has experienced the investment of over 20 companies, it should not be left unmentioned that it ‘s operation volume has been promoted to over 2,000,000 million tons. 
The Construction of Persian Gulf logistic Park with an area of 2400 Hectares 
Deeming that the operations in Shahid Rajaeei port enjoys the international standard, saeedi poor stated: the expansion of railway terminals and mineral materials and the construction of Persian Gulf logistic park with the area of 2400 hectares are under the construction. With the launching of these projects , this port would be fully prepared to be more active in the post- sanctions area. he further stated.
A 63-percent of Equity of All Iranian Port operations for Hormozgan 
stating that three port of the main eleven trade port is located in Hormozgan province, he continued: currently, this province has managed to experience of 63 percent of operations among all Iranian ports, this official reminded: Shahid Rajaee would be witnessed 84 and 53 percent of container embarkation and disembarkation as well as operation among all Iranian port ; respectively.
97 percent of voyages to be supported by Hormozgan
pointing out that 97 percent of voyages in Iran with over 13,000,000 tourists have been done in Hormozgan ,The port affairs and special zone ‘s deputy of port and maritime organization added: Hormozgan province enjoying the capability of tourism attraction and expanding water tourism with the help of maritime and ports organizations, it is worth nothing that it also possesses picturesque 14 islands.
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