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Publish Date: 10:50 - 21 December 2015
Marine Industries Conference and the Globalization Approach Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys a unique and strategic situation which does not exist in all countries and is considered a boon for this country. There are extensive water borders in North and South, oil and gas reserves as well as fisheries products, ocean access and off-shore industries etc. which has paved the way for the marine industry to flourish.
Marine industry dealt with a lot of ups and downs and gained loads of experiences. However, these experiences were not fully practiced thanks to the sanctions and on the other hand, support in this section of the industry including investments, and private sector entry to the picture advance the respective industry to obtain first rank in the region. Fortunately, after the New Year start and implementation of P5+1 nuclear agreement, marine industry enjoys a new era which demands double effort in various sections of the respective industry including merchant and tanker shipping along with navy force. They also need to take full advantage of the potentials to take share in international market and finally place within the top shipping companies in the world.
The most important criteria to pay attention to are interacting with popular international training centers, special attention to CIS countries, rebranding IRISL and finally yet importantly, cooperating with international shipping companies. It goes without saying that CIS region is a virgin location in Central Asia enjoying rich reserves and the population of 200 m which can be connected to oceans through IRISL.
In fact, this issue can be part of the discussions in 17th Marine Industries Conference and it is expected that the relative authorities do not limit the discussions into description of the existing problems and hence, lay emphasis on how marine industries can enter to international markets.
In other words, it is time to revise the conferences and exhibitions’ policies and focus on resolutions and goals in international scene. In this way, it is possible for the authorities and officials to catch up with backlogs and address the shortcomings practically.
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