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Publish Date: 10:53 - 21 December 2015
Marine Industry and the Necessity to Address Post-Sanction era Requirements
Post-sanction era is going to open new horizons for Iran’s economy and Iranians consequently. In this specific era we will experience improved macro-economic index, increased efficiency along with employment and the financial institutions to work more freely.
What would damage the benefits of the JPOC for Iranian industries is mismanagement, making the previous mistakes or to stay at the background in international scene. In the post-sanction era, the local industries are at the top of the list to be expected to resume the previous place and achieve the ideal situation. It goes without saying that the industries are supposed to address the countries’ demand. On the other hand, the upward demand trend is not going to pause and give the industries the opportunity to grow and supply the market sufficiently.
This is even more complicated process regarding the allocation of the sources when it is the matter of meso industries.
In post-sanction era, supplying the demands in the market and taking advantage of potentials (we hope to exist) is even more highlighted and if the demands are not supplied properly, the market will face a negative shock.
Those sections in the industry which were heavily affected by the sanctions and are planning to resume the trade in the new era demand their needs to be supplied and if it is not accomplished by the local industryies, they will not hesitate to approach the foreign industry and expect not to face former regulatory hurdles such as fake and failed and finally doomed plans of boosting self-sufficiency in Iran.
In fact, Avoidance of entrance of foreign industry into the picture to boost self-sufficiency is a doomed policy in past two decades.
The sophisticated managers, analysts and experts need to lay emphasis on organizational efficiency, risk management, financial management, quality management as well as knowledge and supply chain management.
Taking advantage of experts in marine industry, we could reach suitable place among our rivals in the respective industry. However, we have a lot to present in different sections of the industry and it consequently results in the Iranian shipping companies to approach Iranian marine industry within an equal circumstances comparing to their foreign counterparts.
Today, Iranian marine industry provides spare parts, marine service, drydocking, training and manning etc.
However, government support for this industry promises a great future and shapes” marine-oriented economy” practically.
 Mehdi Habib Beigi
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