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With the shipping industry set for $114bn in capital expenditure for newbuildings next year alone finding funding will be a major issue for the industry according to analyst Crucial Perspective.
News ID: 77830    Publish Date : 2017/12/23

Despite somewhat increased activity in terms of new orders in the product tanker sector in the first nine months of 2017, the orderbook remains at historically low levels, as disclosed by Capital Product Partners L.P. in a market commentary.
News ID: 77032    Publish Date : 2017/10/29

Shipyards have been struggling with reduced vessel ordering for years as global output dropped and capacity diminished shortening their forward cover.
News ID: 72980    Publish Date : 2017/03/13

The chemical tankers market is anticipated to face a challenging couple of years ahead due to lingering oversupply made worse by many newbuilding deliveries, according to shipping analyst Drewry.
News ID: 72062    Publish Date : 2017/02/02

Based on the delivery schedule of the current orderbook , deliveries of new tankers in 2017 will reach the highest level since 2009, however, Poten & Partners argues that the orderbook may not be as scary as it looks.
News ID: 71827    Publish Date : 2017/01/24

New shipbuilding orders received by China’s shipyards in 2016 have fallen by 32.6% year-on-year to 21.07m dwt in vessel tonnage, according to latest figures released by China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry Cansi.
News ID: 71741    Publish Date : 2017/01/21

South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has set itself a goal of achieving more than $6bn in orderbook in 2017, reports said.
News ID: 71598    Publish Date : 2017/01/16

Given the orderbook , the tanker market is expected to experience ample supply growth in the coming years while the forecasts for tanker demand growth are rather subdued, according to Poten & Partners.
News ID: 70305    Publish Date : 2016/12/11

The shipbuilding orderbook at China’s shipyards has continued to deflate in the first nine months of 2016 as newbuilding deals slowed amid the protracted recession of the shipbuilding industry.
News ID: 69624    Publish Date : 2016/10/27

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