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Publish Date: 08:45 - 18 December 2018

DP World plans ‘revolutionary’ box storage system

Dubai-based operator agrees joint venture for a new container storage system that it says can triple yard capacity or create the same capacity in less than a third of the space, while keeping utilisation at 100%.

DP World plans to launch the concept in partnership with Germany’s SMS group ahead of the Dubai World Expo 2020

DP WORLD has revealed plans to introduce a new container storage system at its flagship Dubai facility that it claims will revolutionise container handling by tripling yard capacity. 

Under a joint venture with SMS Group, a German construction and engineering specialist in the steel and non-ferrous metals industry, the Dubai-based operator plans to have the storage solution up and running in time for the Dubai Expo 2020.

The ‘High Bay Storage System’ was designed by SMS subsidiary AMOVA initially for the handling of 50-tonne metal coils in 50 m high racks. The concept has been reconfigured for containers.

DP World will introduce the first storage system at Jebel Ali’s Terminal 4, Dubai.

Whereas conventional practice for yard storage sees containers stacked upon each other, the system allows for placement in individual racks that can reach up to 11 boxes high. Most modern terminals seldom stack boxes beyond five.

In a joint statement, DP World and SMS said this can increase capacity by as much as 200% at a conventional container terminal or create the same capacity in less than a third of the space.

“This new container-handling technology allows cities to use their expensive and sensitive land and waterfront areas more effectively,” said the joint venture’s chief executive Dr Mathias Dobner.

The High Bay Storage system also allows for 100% utilisation within the yard, because each container can be accessed without the need to move another unit.

DP World said that this brings significant gains in speed, energy efficiency and safety, while reducing costs, which are cut further by reducing loading and unloading times. 

The port operator claims that for so-called mega ships this can bring savings of up to 30%.

“As a world first in our industry we are tremendously excited by its potential and ground-breaking features,” said DP World chairman and chief executive Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem.

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