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Publish Date: 14:29 - 22 July 2016

Allocates $127 m to Expand Ports

Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) is earmarking PHP6bn ($127m) this year to expand government-owned ports across the country, local media reported.

Allocates $127 m to Expand Ports
The port authority said the budget will go towards financing locally-funded projects such as the upgrade and rehabilitation of ports in Iloilo, General Santos, Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga, MANA correspondent reported.
Installation of vessel traffic management system is also planned for ports of Roxas in Oriental Mindor, Iloilo, Davao and Zamboanga.
As at end-March this year, PPA had overseen the completion of nine infrastructure port projects worth PHP313.03m.
Jay Daniel Santiago, general manager of PPA, said the authority is prioritising the safety in port operations and value-added services in different ports, as well as raising efficiency and productivity for cargo operations.
“We are trying to rationalize everything that will translate to the convenience of passengers, cargo owners, logistics service providers and also to all PPA personnel,” Santiago was quoted saying.
Private sector service providers have also been asked to fix defective facilities in different ports so as to improve port operations.
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