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Publish Date: 13:48 - 15 July 2016
Global Maritime Transportation Will Benefit from Lifting Sanctions against Iran /Britain’s leaving the EU does not Affect its Maritime Hub
“The resume of Iran’s activities in global sea trade, could be beneficial for everyone who is involved in global shipping industry”. this is a part of interview of MANA correspondent with the chief analyst of Clarksons Research Group. MANA correspondent managed to run an exclusive interview with trevor Crowe, the chief analyst of Clarksons Research Group, regarding the impact of UK’s decision to leave the European Union on global shipping industry.
As an analyst, what do you think about the situation of global maritime transportation in the upcoming years?
I think Maritime transportation is going to retain its position at the heart of global trade,about 84 or 85 percent of world trade is carried by sea,actually,most of the cargoes which move around the world carried by the sea, especially over long distances, but what has changed is that growth rate of global trade is slowing down a little bit which at the moment shadow global maritime transportation industry,of course, we definitely optimistic about the future and do hope that global trade grow in the near future.another important point is that the consumers in the developing countries need to put not only manufactures and goods in the container but also need raw material to invest in infrastructures sectors of their countries which we think continue to drive global sea we are quite positive about that and in spite of a slow-down in global trade growth, we think that global shipping will remain at the heart of global economy for years to come.
 How do you evaluate the status of Iran in global maritime transportation?
We are exciting about Iranian economy, it is an economy which is potential to a lot of dynamism with new arrangements. obviously, Iran with a big population is potential for growth in global trade significantly, so for everybody who is involved in the global shipping ,the existing opportunities in Iran are significant. moreover ,Iran could play an important role as a key gateway of trade in the world. 
from your perspective, what is the impact of lifting sanctions against Iran on global maritime transportation?
Well, during the sanctions period, the trade volumes of Iran particularly container volumes experienced a downfall trend and  certainly, given the lifting sanctions against this country and emergence of a new atmosphere,the resume of  Iran’s activities in global sea trade, could be beneficial for everyone who is involved in global shipping industry. 
what is the impact of UK's decision to leave the European Union on global shipping industry?
The UK itself is only responsible for less than 5% percent of global sea trade on import and export, so not a massive number.UK exports might be a little more competitive but the imports will be under pressure there would be some changes, but I think the most important impact is that Britain’s exit from the European Union has more negative effect on the certainty of economy in both European economy and the world economy as a whole, that is what we should be watchful. I think it also increase opportunities for other trade partners for the UK. hopefully, London’s position will be remain as an important maritime hub, because London 's services to the world shipping is not just to Europe Union but is to the whole world shipping and as the government emphasized ,the UK is very much open to business.
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