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Publish Date: 11:06 - 11 April 2016

$6M to be exported from Khouzestan Customs

The supervisor of Khuzestan Customs announced the export of 6 million dollars of petroleum and non-petroleum goods from customs units in Khuzestan Province in 2015.

$6M to be exported from Khouzestan CustomsIn an interview with MANA correspondent, Mohammad Jafari stated: the customs units in Khouzestan Province have experienced the export of 14,250,000 tons of goods abroad.
Stating that Khuzestan Customs holds the first rank among nation-wide customs in terms of weight and second nation-wide rank in terms of Dollar value,Jafari added: the majority of export goods have been exported to countries such as Iraq, United Arab Emirates, India, South Korea ,Japan and Malaysia.
According to Mohammad Jafari, ironware, construction material, foods, petrochemical products, and cement are among the most significant export goods from Khouzestan Customs.
In the end, The supervisor of Khuzestan Customs stated that Khuzestan Customs has managed to earn the revenue of 16, 000 Billion Rials
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