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Publish Date: 14:02 - 25 January 2016

$10m Foreign Transit from Chabahar Free Zone

Chabaha Free Trade –Industrial zone has witnessed $10m foreign transit of goods from March 2015 to January 2016, the general director of Chabahar free trade –industrial zone organization announced.

$10m Foreign Transit from Chabahar Free ZoneReferring the paramount event of the nuclear agreement as well as entering the post-sanctions era , Hamid Ali Mobaraki stated that many investors have paid a special attention to Chabahar free trade zone owing to being located in the international waterways as well as the fact that goods transit is economical from this zone ,so that during the mentioned period, Chabahar free trade zone has experienced $10m foreign transit of goods, MANA correspondent reported.
Based on the released statistics in the exports sector, Chabahar free trade zone has managed to export 7.5 million Dollar to the country and 4.5 million Dollar of various types of produced goods to abroad , he further added.
Moreover ,Hamid ALI Mobaraki reminded that Shark fin, petrochemical materials, second-hand clothes, blanket, purified oil, are among exported goods from this free trade zone to abroad, on the other hand, packaged tea, photocopy machines, blanket , constitute the exported goods to the country.
Given the new stage of the post-sanctions era in the country, as well as staging keen interest to utilize the potential and merits of this free trade zone by different foreign economical delegations, it is hoped that we would witness a striking revolution in this free trade zone in the near future.
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