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Publish Date: 15:00 - 01 December 2015
The panel on Analysis of Shipping Companies’ Capabilities and capacities, aimed at reviving IRISL previous brand Compiling New Strategic plans, with a global approach
IRISL is bracing to step into the post-sanction time and revive it’s past brand once again these days in a bid to go through a new phase in it’s economic life after the sanctions have been absolutely raised. Thus new strategies are now being planned for this company during post – sanction period.
A panel was recently held by the attendance of managing directors of IRISL subsidiary companies for further acquaintance with the aims and future plans of IRISL Group subsidiaries orientated at reviving IRISL Brand as well as surveying the existing capabilities and capacities during which the following questions were replied :

1. How much capability and capacity IRISL Group subsidiaries enjoy in order to step into the post-sanction stage ?
2. What problems IRISL Group Subsidiaries are presently encountered with ?
3. What preparations and facilities these companies have considered in order to achieve an ideal and contestable situation ?
4. What short-term plans are being devised for entering post-sanction times and restoring IRISL previous brand ?
5. Do we have to create privileges for reviving IRISL brand or there’s one already available?
Here below you can read an abstract of panelists’ talks at the meeting:
 Mansour Eslami , Managing Director of Hoopad Darya Shipping Agency Services: Actually reviving IRISL is the main concern of all companies in the Group and we hope to be able to revive the brand by sympathy and cooperation of all the authorities and staff . Of course this necessitates concentrating on domestic and foreign affairs simultaneously. Due to the sanctions, foreign affairs had been less heeded so far, but now that we’ve gone through that time and while being in post-sanctions period we need to take more extensive measures in this respect. IRISL obviously enjoyed a special position in the world with respect to extensiveness of it’s operation and because it’s vessels sailed throughout various continents in the world . therefore many renowned shipping companies were inclined to cooperate with this company. Of course presently our activities are limited only to some particular markets, but if sanctions are lifted and the vessels restore to the same previous markets, we shall be able to return to the common conditions we had before the sanctions. The main problem IRISL was encountered with was that this company was not permitted to enter the new markets. Even the principle merchants in the country could not proceed their trading activities comfortably , and IRISL couldn’t either. When trading becomes facilitated for domestic merchants, it would be feasible for IRISL to step into the new markets as well . Of course there are also some plans for developing IRISL fleet which shall be brought up at the time of going through the markets. It goes without saying that international trading shall turn to IRISL once again if conditions are provided for this company in future because IRISL brand has left a good mark on foreign merchants’ minds. Human Resources and concentrating on work force is another concern which should be greatly considered in current situation.
Hassan Ghorban , Managing Director of Ship Management Company: Reviving the brand is directly related to customers, that is those utilizing the goods as well as services offered . Therefore , the first step would be identifying reliable and strong customers. This would be possible through a system that can distinguish customers’ needs and analyze them, in such a manner that it’s output would offer a profitable strategy for covering their needs completely. If we really intend to draw customers and make them stick to our company once we’ve identified them , we have to set up a system by which we can sell what we want. The next step would be having access to software and hardware substructures, and the issue of Human Resources is the principle and adjunct in any move as well . We shall not be able to be ranged among the first 15 superior shipping companies of the world with the current Human Resources we possess. If we are to establish convenient sub-structures, organization and formalities as well as dynamic Human Resources in our company, we shall have to consider planning for it in advance. We can go from one point to another by planning. Fortunately at the present the vessels’ repairs section is developing by degrees. Persia Hormuz Ship yard could repair over 50 vessels. Evidently, there are also shortcomings which shall not be removed while we have no orders from customers.
Capt. Ali Ezzati , Deputy of Commercial Technical Dept. : IRISL brand , one of the assets of the company which has not been observed properly so far was achieved during 47 years of activities and along with it’s development and blossoming through this period. This worthy asset would certainly be one of IRISL principal means for proceeding during the post-sanction times. Of course during the last seven years in which we faced different sanctions imposed against the activities of our National Fleet ,we made great effort to have the least use of this brand in connection with commercial and operational matters and this could leave an impact on IRISL situation internationally. This is while we had been witnessing continuous aggravation of sanctions against IRISL activities on one hand, and at the same time the activists and those imposing sanctions in the market could sense how dynamic potentials in IRISL would prevent them from achieving destinations which had previously been determined by sanction designers. Of course continuance of such a situation as well as the news having been disseminated from soft warfare against IRISL have both been tools for publicizing IRISL brand and the special capabilities the company enjoys in the market which should be contemplated upon at length..
It is quite evident that once the sanctions are lifted in near future , the Group associated and periodic-contracted companies will be expected to continue operating under the title of IRISL. Also we have compiled plans for managing the company and elevating its global brand and name and have great hopes that it would remain as a reliable global partner, both for domestic customers and those trading across the world.
Capt. Hamzeh Keshavarz, Managing Director of Container Transportation co.: IRISL brand is in fact our National Asset which we hope to be revived soon once again when the sanctions have been lifted completely and that would definitely bring double capabilities both in the market as well as in negotiations and agreements with our foreign customers.
Today ,it is evident for our trading partners and those activists in commercial and economic sectors that a brand can play a critical role in presenting a product, making confidence in customers , fixing a fair price for that and eventually selling that to them. Many branded products such as perfumes , cologne , clothes……. , owe the greatest part of their prices for the impression their brands leave as compared with prices of the very same ordinary products. Branded watches are explicit examples of these cases which have multiple prices as compared to their identical ones. Although some types of goods and products are just the same and are produced in the same place , merely their own brands undergo managing process irrespective of their own types. Tea is a good example of the case which is produced in various brands of the same type at the factory, and managing it’s brands would be so effective on selling prices. OEM products are well known across the world among which extra parts and electric home appliances are manufactured in the same factory but are offered to customers in different brands and prices. There are other examples as well which all imply that brand plays a major role in placing confidence in customers as well as trend of selling goods. However, IRISL brand is considered as a reliable and major brand among other shipping companies in the world and so the company must be revived once the sanctions have been lifted, and gradually developed in all arenas. Fortunately this plan has been properly realized among many other current affairs of the company’s Managing Director and followed seriously ,which is expected to be performed successfully by blessing of the Holy God as well as hard efforts of all the staff.
Mohammad Reza Ghaderi , Managing Director of Bulk Transportation company : IRISL brand has been well known in the Shipping Markets since half a century ago and the main concern at the present is how to revive this brand once again. IRISL Group shall definitely win better rates with better conditions of payment if it enters the market with one particular brand . It will certainly gain finances cheaper and more comfortably as well. Therefore the necessity of having a brand is a clear and evident issue. It goes without saying that we need to establish a fleet which is in proportion with the market if we really intend to enter the international markets, and try to gain shares from exporting and importing of goods. Presently necessary measurements are being taken in this respect. Definitely IRISL commercial fleet must be modernized and operate with respect to the current situations in the shipping market. Fortunately, Human Resources , that is those who had made
A great deal of activities during the time of sanction were those individuals who had gone through and experienced the period before that and therefore are not unfamiliar with situation of the market before the sanctions. At present , there are types of structures and shapes for Human Resources. New work force has to join into the system in a long period of time and undergo necessary trainings in order to have enough efficiency in the new business environment. Restoring the names of in-group companies to Mother Company’s name ( IRISL) once again is one of the main issues which is to be discussed. For instance , Sepid Bulk IRISL would be renamed to Bulk IRISL or Container IRISL . Also names of the vessels should start with IRAN as in the past. In this way , Iran will be shining all over the world again. Since the market targeted by all the countries is located abroad ,this will be the best publicity for the purpose.
Abolghassem Poorteymouri, Managing Director of Shipping Intermodal Transportation Company :
Considering that IRISL is an absolute service-offering company , having great potentials , it is necessary for such a company to gain access to Road Transportation Network . Therefore, a Road Transportation company is being set up and registered in Bandar Abbas. This company will be established so the missing road transportation system shall be operated again. Evidently , our activities must be ensued by development so that the goals having already been determined and planned by senior management as well as deputy of Technical Dept to materialize. The plan primarily deals with surveying the purchase of locomotive for elevated carriages needed by CIS countries since our exports and imports of goods from CIS countries will necessitate using the elevated carriages . Also we need absolute and unsparing support of Holding company or foreign investors to provide us with necessary budget for buying such carriages . Of course, locomotives are necessary means for doing activities which are orientated at CIS countries. Therefore, IRISL need to have a few locomotives in its system to perform its business activities.
We hope that IRISL would be able to provide facilities especially those offered by European countries so that the Intermodal Transportation company can utilize them on least payments. Actually this company has so far strived hard in order to revive IRISL brand once again.
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