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Publish Date: 12:22 - 26 November 2015
 IRISL, Leading Contributor  to Iran’s Economy in International Scene
There are different new situations in social, cultural, political, and economic etc. after our success in diplomacy and our achievements regarding the nuclear agreement.
Our diplomatic representatives’ achievements led many businesses to prepare themselves for the post-sanction era and IRISL is no exception.
Accordingly, IRISL is preparing to enter international business profoundly as the pioneer of economy of Iran in post-sanction era. Considering the fact that IRISL lost its place in international shipping and the obligations in world economy, comeback to international market is a very difficult task and demands extra work. 
Elevating IRISL from 21st in international ranking to 15th in two years and finally to 10th in the world demands changes in views, planning as well as implementation of the projects. Moreover, it is compulsory for IRISL to focus on import and export of the goods in other parts of the world apart from Iran goods such as in Africa, Europe and America continents while it keeps providing services in Far East and Iran as well. That is how to compete with IRISL's Danish, Korean and Swiss counterparts in world shipping. 
Changes in implementation of the projects include assessing current status, planning for a thorough reappearance in international market and meeting the requirements for the comeback. Additionally, the requirements include updating software section of the fleet, high level of training, optimized use of other shipping lines’ capacities, cooperation between two or more companies, especial focus on bunkering, development of repairing and maintenance systems and finally yet importantly, rebranding IRISL in the world.
However, we need to admit that maritime shipping is a multi-faceted industry and paying attention to the aforementioned issues and reactivating different parts of this chain is a must.
Moreover, considering the fact that 90 percent of all the shipping is carried out through sea and 3000 kilometer of Iranian coastal line and maritime potentials in Iran makes development compulsory.
We need to encourage the investors in maritime realm and this leads us to not only overcome some of our problems, but develop maritime tourism section in Iran.
In fact, optimized management and the ease of interactions as well as cooperation of entire maritime section with the investors and guarantee of profitability are the main factors that attract the investors. Our neighbor countries tried their utmost to take full advantage of our ignorance to the aforementioned factors and that is why there is a great emphasis on port and shipping development in Iran's 6th development plan.
Finally yet importantly, to resume our power in maritime world, we need to change our point of view toward international market and apply new thoughts, innovation and energy in the process of decision making and planning. This is definitely possible, considering Iranian dignity, profession and efforts.
I truly wish success for IRISL 

Mehdi Habibbeigi

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