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Africa's Willingness to Invest in Khuzestan Province's Fisheries

The South African Ambassador to Iran stated that his country was ready and willing to make joint investment in Khuzestan'sfisheries

AfricaIn a meeting with the participation of the province's economic officials, MANA reported, the director of Khuzestan Province's Fisheries Organization stated that South Africa could offer its technical, educational and technological cooperation in the breeding of high-yield or dense tropical fish, increasing the efficiency of aquaculture, equipping and renovating fishing vessels, completing and launching fishing ports, and increasing the breeding of marine fish in cages.
Dr. Nabiollah Khoon Mirzaei asserted that these grounds and opportunities for investment have been studies in various regions of Khuzestan province, and they are ready for joint investment.
He added that the breeding of other marine organisms such as weed, lobster and frogs as well as establishing ecotourism are among other investment opportunities in Khuzestan Province.
He also added that Khuzestan Province was one of the poles of the country in fisheries, and it is a suitable place for breeding different types of tropical, coldwater fish, shrimps, and other marine animals.
As far as mass fishing in Persian Gulf is concerned, the director of Khuzestan Province's Fisheries Organization asserted that fishing takes place in proportion with the potentials and by considering the protection of marine-life resources in Persian Gulf waters. He added that fisheries industries of Khuzestan Province are processing, cannery and powering of the fish.
According to the 1404 development plan, Dr. Khoon Mirzaei added, the production and the fishing of marine animals should reach a volume of 225,000 tons per year. However, in case of investment, this horizon could be reached far sooner than the due date.
He also stated that fisheries beneficiaries have been organized in the unions and cooperative retail centers, and this organized civil community could serve South Africa as a great business partner.
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