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Publish Date: 09:29 - 11 September 2017

Tanker Sinks Greek

A small tanker sank in the early hours of Sunday in Saronikos Gulf, south of Athens.

Tanker Sinks Greek
According to MANA, The tanker “Agia Zoni II” is thought to have been carrying 2,200 metric tons of fuel oil and 370 metric tons of marine gas oil.
Small oil spills have been identified at the point where the tanker sank, while emergency crews from the Piraeus Central Port Authority have rushed to the scene.
Two crew members who were aboard the vessel when it sank have been rescued.
The ship was built in 1972. It had a capacity of 3,205 tons. It had a total length of 92.3 meters and a width of 13.7.
It is not yet known what caused the sinking.
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