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Publish Date: 15:17 - 25 June 2017
IRISL’s Director Expressing his Gratitude to Seafarers:

Iranian Brave-Heart Seafarers Recorded Sacrifice and Generosity in Maritime History

The director and the head of the board at Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL) released a celebratory message today, and extended gratitude and good wishes to Iranian brave-heart seafarers on the occasion of the Day of the Seafarer DotS.

Iranian Brave-Heart Seafarers Recorded Sacrifice and Generosity in Maritime History
According to MANA correspondent, IRISL's director, Dr. Mohammad Saeedi 's message had it that:
It is almost a few years now that June 25th has been designated the “International Seafarer Day” to honor and appreciate all the brave-heart seafarers. This year, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has honored this day with the motto “Attention to Seafarers”.
Without a shred of doubts, seafarers are inordinately pertinacious, deserving, compassionate, skillful, and highly experienced human beings who rely on their expertise, qualifications and experience, and set philanthropy and serving mankind as their top occupational agenda.
When we talk of Iranian courageous and valued seafarers, what we constantly recall is the monumental memories of their braveness and sacrifice in the course of the 8-year Iran-Iraq war as well as in the course of 8 years of cowardly sanctions: We do remember and highly value how they staged a steadfast and resilient defense against Iran’s enemies and how they did not allow serving people to terminate as much as even one second. 
Indeed, today is all about honoring and appreciating the great men who raise commitment, dedication, perseverance and conscience to its heights and allocate the best years of their youth to acquire knowledge and expertise, grow, and serve the national fleet to drive IRISL forward and do not let any hesitations come its way.
If we pride ourselves today for possessing a capable national fleet, we do owe it all to the long-held dedication of the men who have carved the terms “sacrifice” and “generosity” on the heart of the maritime history with burning the midnight oil, putting their life on the line of duty and tolerating the absence their families.
It must be asserted that magnificent changes and improvements were accomplished by Iran’s national fleet in the light of doubled daily activities of Iranian brave-heart seafarers; and this trend that has proven its course by JCPOA and the assistance of seafarers will go on to flourish and thrive.
Seafarers’ role in the development and enhancement of Iran is unique and exclusive, and we do value and honor this role.
In the end, I would like us to recall and respect the memories of all the seafarer martyrs of IRISL, and once again extend my gratitude and good wishes to all you Iranian brave-heart seafarers and your revered families.
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