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Publish Date: 10:45 - 25 May 2017

New Leader for International Maritime Rescue Federation

The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF), the international charity focused on preventing loss of life in the world’s waters, has announced that Theresa Crossley will be its new Chief Executive.

New Leader for International Maritime Rescue Federation
Crossley will join IMRF in October this year, when she steps down from her role as Executive Director of The United Kingdom Major Ports Group (UKMPG), MANA correspondent reported.
Udo Fox, Chairman and Trustee of the IMRF said; “We are delighted to appoint Theresa as CEO of the IMRF. She brings a wealth of expertise to the organization with her extensive maritime industry knowledge and her experience covering the marine environment, shipping safety and search and rescue around the U.K.
“At the same time, we are grateful to our outgoing CEO Bruce Reid, who has made a dramatic difference to the IMRF, building it into an organization with 103 members in 49 countries with a growing active regional network, regularly providing international leadership on the full remit of search and rescue issues. Theresa will help us to build on this success, increasing the reach and positive impact of the organization even further.”
Crossley said, "I am looking forward to taking up my new position at the IMRF and to the exciting new challenge this offers, working with the world’s maritime search and rescue organizations to improve coordination and response, so that many more people in distress on the sea or on inland waters can be saved.”
The IMRF brings together maritime rescue coordination centers, coast guards, volunteer response organizations, government and non-government search and rescue organizations to develop and improve maritime search and rescue (SAR) planning and response. The IMRF’s work is global, bringing together members and other organizations through meetings, conferences, forums and a series of international targeted projects.
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