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Publish Date: 15:58 - 23 May 2017
The Russian Astrakhan Transportation Minister:

Russia is Ready for Expanded Collaborations in Anzali Free Zone

Government deputy chairman of Astrakhan Region announced his delegation’s readiness for investment in Anzali Free Zone and extend expansive collaborations.

Russia is Ready for Expanded Collaborations in Anzali Free Zone
Astrakhan’s minister for industry, transport and natural resources, and region government deputy chairman, Radik Kharisov, paid a visit to Caspian Port in Anzali Free Zone, Guilan Province, and told MANA correspondent about Russian investors’ interest in making investments in Anzali Free Zone. The Russian delegation who have made this three-day journey to Iran’s Guilan Province, Kharisov added, have all expressed their willingness to invest, establish production enterprises and maintain closer cooperation with Anzali Free Zone. Kharisov called Anzali Free Zone a unique and proper opportunity of investment for the investors of his country.
Referring to the outcomes of his delegation’s visit to Iran and meeting with Anzali Free Zone’s director and other officials, Kharisov pointed out that the visit does accelerate the collaboration enhancement of Iran and Russia, and facilitates the entrance of private sector investors and entrepreneurs to this safe zone. Kharisov further counted paving the way for increased goods turnover as another major objective of his delegation’s visit.
Regarding this visit of the Russian delegation, the secretary of Anzali Free Zone’s Investors and Entrepreneurs Association, Asghar Amani, told MANA correspondent that the development rate of this zone has accelerated at a fast pace in the past 4 years. In line with the agreements and meetings between Iran and Russia’s private sector activists, and the export of knowledge-based products to Russia, Amani added that Astrakhan and Anzali Free Zone’s customs directors have expressed their readiness to eliminate the obstacles and facilitate the trade deals of the two nations.
MANA correspondent added that facilitating the services offered to merchants and economic activists as well as establishing production enterprises in ship building, packing industry and agriculture were among the most significant issues discussed in the course of the Russian delegation’s visit.
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