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Publish Date: 16:48 - 20 May 2017

Busan Port Authority Plans to Build New Integrated Data Centre

South Korea’s Busan Port Authority (BPA) is planning to build an integrated data centre aimed at making the port become more competitive with the use of logistics data analysis, reports said.

Busan Port Authority Plans to Build New Integrated Data Centre
The proposed new integrated data centre is planned to be able to systematically accumulate and analyse information while study latest trends among shipping companies, thereby generating container traffic information and identifying areas to raise productivity, MANA correspondent reported.
BPA is expected to commence construction of the data centre later this year, with the first phase of development due for completion by August, and the last two phases scheduled to be competed by 2019.
The first phase of work will allow Busan port officials to identify any change or shift in exports and imports in the shipping market, while keeping an eye on the quantity of goods transported in South Korea.
The data gathered will also benefit shipping companies and terminal operators, as it is difficult for them to gather comprehensive information about the port and shipping traffic independently.
One useful data to know, for instance, is that by finding out the times during which trailers are most occupied and the length of time spent moving goods at terminals at Busan port, the data will help shipping companies reduce waiting times, which will lead to higher productivity.
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